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WrapDuO: Sport and Water Wrap

WrapDuO: Sport and Water | NEW Engineering! Black Pearl

Wrapsody has re-engineered our WrapDuO! More support, more “cush,” lighter weight, better grip — this wrap is dreamy!

Available in black pearl.

What’s changed, and what hasn’t?

What is the same:

  • The fabric is still made right in the United States
  • Our redesigned WrapDuO is still a stretchy baby wrap and great in or out of water
  • Still lightweight and packable
  • Still made with sun protection
  • Still a high-tech sports knit that wicks moisture and sweat away from you and baby

What’s changed?

  • Our redesigned WrapDuO is softer and slightly less silky to the touch
  • The new WrapDuO is lighter-weight, yet more cushy than our original
  • We’ve designed the fabric to be more like our Hybrids, with a one-way stretch, allowing the wrap to comfortably support larger babies
  • Not only is the fabric made in the US, but the yarns it is knit from are made in the US as well!
  • 100% recycled Repreve (r) yarns

A wrap built on values

If you want an ethical, top-quality baby carrier for your beautiful bundle, look no further. Perfect for both land and water use, the WrapDuO is more than a water wrap. This stretchy wrap is lightweight, sturdy, and strong.

However, our stretchy wrap is more than a baby carrier. It is the finest of American workmanship. The fabric is knit in New England from 55% recycled Repreve-blend (r) yarns. The sewing and labeling and final packing all happen in New England at small family-owned businesses. These wraps have been thoroughly tested to meet US and European safety standards. Even the packaging is carefully chosen — low-impact hemp-PEVA zippered bags will double as a wetbag for your wrap, and the paper inserts are printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper.

There is no finer quality water wrap than the WrapDuO — and it is, to our knowledge, the only stretchy wrap on the market made with recycled fibers from US-milled fabric.

Is it a stretchy wrap, a bathing suit, a mesh wrap, or …..?

Though less stretchy than most other popular stretch wraps on the US market, this wrap has all the cush, softness, and “poppability” you expect from a stretchy wrap and will be a perfect everyday, sport, or water carrier. However, like most true stretchy wraps on the market (vs. hybrid-stretchies, like Wrapsody Hybrid) you will probably find it most useful until your baby is about 25 pounds or 12-18 months old.

The WrapDuO sport and water wrap by Wrapsody takes you from ten minutes of morning yoga to after-work cocktails with your partner — from a long afternoon walk to the post office right into a quick shower with your baby. Elegantly simple and resistant to both wrinkles and lint, this low-maintenance baby carrier packs a lot of features into a lightweight, compact package at a price every family will love.

The Wrap(Du)O by Wrapsody is one-of-a-kind! Similar in support and comfort to other stretch wraps on the market, its fabric is unique: fast-drying fabric,as light as your favorite swimsuit comfortable as your favorite technical running shirt, and elegant as your favorite skirt. From fabric to labeling, this product is made in New England, USA. Features at a glance:

  • Hypoallergenic stretchy fabric feels great on the skin and is perfect for carrying your child both in and out of the water!
  • Tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool.
  • Fabric blocks 97.5% – 98% of the sun’s rays (UPF 45), reducing the need for sunscreen.
  • Just-right stretch makes it easy to wash between you and baby or pop baby in and out without adjusting the carrier.
  • Portable and packable — folds down into a quart-sized sandwich baggie.
  • Soft finished edge is comfortable for your child’s legs.
  • Hi-tech sport knit wicks moisture and sweat away from the skin.
  • Water use to 35 pounds; land use to 25 pounds.
  • Silky, slinky fabric even looks great for evening wear!

**Carriers will typically ship without their retail boxes, as boxes are bulky and cost prohibitive to include in a free shipping promotion. If you prefer to have the box shipped with your carrier, please include an order note indicating this at checkout, and we will contact you with an invoice for the difference in shipping. Thanks for your understanding!**

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