Signs at Play - 3 Week Foundation Series hosted by Wonderful and Wild & Signs at Play

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Signs at Play - 3 Week Foundation Series 
Hosted by Wonderful and Wild & Signs at Play
1007 University Ave, San Diego, California 92103

Signs at Play 
3-Class Series – $65/family

During this 3-class series you will build a great foundation of Baby Sign Language. This will help you succeed on your journey of preverbal communication with your little one. We’ll begin with the basic handshapes of the alphabet and numbers 1- 10. Next we’ll cover the essential signs you need to know to reduce frustration and lessen tantrums. You’ll also learn how to incorporate signing into your daily life and to make it enjoyable for both you and your child. We will talk about sign approximations, the difference between baby sign language and ASL baby sign language, reading strategies, answer questions such as “When will my baby start signing?” and more. All will be taught through a mixture of children’s books, songs, games and discussions. Support materials will be available to take home including a binder to keep everything in. Baby will receive a certificate of completion.

Meet our instructor!
Jennifer Duncan is a certified baby sign language instructor who has been sharing her love of American Sign Language for a decade. She started her business, Signs at Play!, in 2007 after discovering a need for more teachers in the community. Jennifer has designed and presents many baby sign language programs to parents and their little ones, including five series of classes, a signing crafts and games program, a signing story time at various libraries, as well as provides entertainment at parties, such as birthday and themed events. She lives in San Diego and is a signing mom herself to one cool son.

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