SEE HOW WE MOVE! Written by Scot Ritchie Illustrated by Scot Ritchie

Hachette Group


Pedro, Yulee, Nick, Sally and Martin are excited! Tomorrow their swim team, the Flying Sharks, will be competing in the school meet. They've been working hard to train their bodies and minds in order to swim their best. Readers follow along as the team has one last practice with their coach at the neighborhood pool. Then it's off to the races on the big day! Along the way, the friends discover the benefits of physical fitness and learn about many important aspects of active, healthy living, such as:
• setting goals and recognizing improvement
• teamwork and respect for others
• safety and equipment use
• coping skills and developing confidence
• nutrition as fuel
• mind and body connections
• and so much more!

As with all the titles in this nonfiction picture book series from award-winning Scot Ritchie, there's a lot of information presented here in a fun, engaging and colorful style. This introduction to physical and health education encourages children to form positive lifelong habits by emphasizing how physical fitness can be fun, social and rewarding. It's a great resource for the classroom concepts of “learning on the move” and “active academics,” which incorporate physical activities into everyday lessons. The book contains a table of contents, an index, a glossary of terms and a spread with ideas for active play.

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