Punkin Butt Wooly Liners

Punkin Butt

Hand Crocheted 100% Pure Virgin Woolly Liners - making your diapers and doublers work harder!

Many diapering families are discovering the benefits to adding wool as a natural, breathable barrier in their cloth diapering systems. The lanolin in wool makes it naturally water repellent and the wool fibers allow it to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture before even feeling damp.

One of wool's benefits is that it is naturally antimicrobial, so it remains odor free and only requires laundering on occasion or if it becomes heavily soiled. These wool liners come felted and can be machine washed with extreme care. It is our experience with these wool liners that if you use heavy agitation they will shrink, but if you wash them gently they will wash up just fine.

Wool liners can help extend the life of your current diapering system. It is possible if the wool liner has not been soiled to simply change the doublers on top of the wool liner once they have absorbed completely and not even have to change the diaper. These wool liners have been felted and they are ready for immediate use.

To use your wool liner you simply place the wool liner under your doublers that you already use. The wool liners acts as a natural barrier and forces the doublers on top of the wool to absorb to their full capacity, once the doublers have absorbed to their full capacity the wool liner will absorb what it can and then eventually the diaper will have to absorb after the doublers and wool liners are soaked.

These are a wonderful addition to any night time diapering system and can even stop leaks with heavy wetters. No more leaking cloth diaper!

If you've been looking for a solution to your heavy wetter, leaking cloth diapers and night time cloth diapering, you should give woolly liners a try. The amazing absorbency power of wool can prolong the use of a single diaper by at least one void. That can make the difference of being woken up at 4 am or 7 am!

You can also use these in your pocket diapering system! Simply place the wool liner behind your doublers/inserts, next to the PUL and you will be amazed! They can also be used with All-In-One style diapers. Simply place the woolly liner directly underneath your standard diaper doublers (snap-ins work fine with Woolly Liners as well) for a natural, breathable barrier between the doublers and the diaper itself. The wool, with its natural lanolin, prevents moisture from passing immediately through to the diaper by forcing the moisture back up into the doubler. This maximizes the absorption capacity of the diaper doubler(s) being used.

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