Parenting Tips for a More Peaceful Family

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Parenting Tips for a More Peaceful Family
by Respectful Parent
(for Parents of Toddlers to Teens)
Investment: $45 for one person $15 for an additional caregiver 

Everyone blames parents; we yell too much, aren't connected enough, not patient enough, we are too permissive or too strict. Or, we are too connected, helicopter too much, and are not preparing our kids for real life problems.
Respectful Parent's workshops are judgment free. Kelly believes there is no "right way" to parent only the "right way for you." These workshops will help you find the ways that do work for you so you and your children can understand each other better with mutual respect. Kelly believes that there is no 'mis' behavior, only behavior, and behavior is a simply communication of an unmet need. As parents our job is to be curious, not furious so we can determine what our child is trying to tell us. Kelly teaches very practical communication skills for parenting children of all ages so you can have more peaceful, loving relationships. Learning how to communicate better will help you feel more confident as a parent, instill responsibility and create a nurturing family environment in which your child can thrive.

Parenting Tips for a More Peaceful Family will include the following topics:

The three kinds of time every family needs
How to have more fun with your family
How to develop routines that work
How to set up an environment that decreases nagging & yelling
How to have some free time with a preschooler, toddler or crawler
How to say “yes” more often
How to find the balance between power and permissiveness

ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTOR: Kelly Meier is a certified Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor teaching in San Diego, CA.When her children were young, Kelly also raised them in close alignment with the respectful parenting method, R.I.E. (Resources for Infant Educarers). With the help and guidance from friends and mentor, Lisa Sunbury Gerber and Janet Lansbury. She has continued her work in researching ways to respectfully raise children of all ages. Kelly found a passion for seeing kids as capable from birth, and from this, a love of watching them grow. In turn, helping parents has become her most rewarding career so far.
Kelly takes great joy in helping parents learn how to raise respectful children that would not only trust their parent, but whom parents can also trust. Kelly uses her knowledge to help parents raise thoughtful, self aware and independent people.

Registration is required.

Babies in arms are welcome to attend. We ask that older children be left with a trusted caregiver. Thank you!

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