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Some days you are ROCKING this mom thing: kid is fed, wearing clean clothes, you dried your hair, and you even made it somewhere on time WITH all your stuff! You're winning!

Other days? Hello, hot mess. When is bed time? What do you mean it's only 9am? (insert guilt spiral of not cherishing every moment of your baby's existence here)

Here's a secret: we ALL feel that way.

But when do you have a chance to really be honest? No one wants to post all that on social media, and you can barely finish a whole sentence at a play date before your little one starts eating dirt (or another kid's shoulder).

Come to Mother's Circle.

Mother's Circle brings moms together to foster a sense of community so we all feel connected and less alone in our unique-but-shared experiences. Leave with your cup refilled.

Make sure to reserve your seat ahead of time!

The evening includes:
• meet and mingle time
• "formal" circle time - entering the space, a reminder of the group agreements, a monthly topic and paired activity
• a safe space for every member to speak
• a worksheet to take home to continue your journey

We'll end with social hour to process together as we build and strengthen connections both new and old.

Circle is facilitated by Stacy Spensley, a certified coach who supports moms to normalize their parenting experience and stay sane while keeping everyone alive. She truly believes we're all doing the best that we can, and having a village of support makes us all better parents. She can't wait to meet you.

We provide the setting, wine and soft drinks, and light gluten-free snacks. You just come as you are. $35 per person.

Seats are limited.

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