Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon


**This is currently a PRE-ORDER for the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon.  Wagons will ship in approximately 2 weeks.**


For those who are unfamiliar, Keenz is the first company to introduce a folding wagon that is also certified as a stroller. Our premium-deluxe stroller wagon takes all the advantages of existing strollers and wagons and combines them into one ergonomically advanced product.

Naturally, the first question for many parents is, “How safe is this stroller wagon?” Our answer: one of the safest products on the market! The Keenz 7sStroller Wagon has gone through a battery of rigorous child safety tests and was recently certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This certification is based on the standard consumer safety performance specification for carriages and strollers (ASTM F833-15) and means the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon is safe for your children and is part of an elite group of juvenile products sold in the United States! 

But, let’s not forget how versatile the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon is.. It is absolutely a wagon as much as it is a stroller. The 7s is perfect for the captain of the adult league kickball team who needs to transport his equipment to and from games. Take it to the beach and neatly store your towels, cooler, sand toys and anything else you may need without having to dig through multiple bags. The Keenz 7S also helps with transporting larger items you wouldn’t normally want to drag across the sand or break your back trying to carry. People of all ages have many real-life applications for the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon.

From assembly to everyday use, Keenz has seemingly taken every benefit of a stroller and wagon, heard the many ideas to make both better, and combined the two to make a fantastic stroller wagon. 

7S Wagon Details

  •  5-point safety harness
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Reflective logo
  • Rounded frame/fittings
  • One step on/off brake
  • 11Inch rear wheels
  • Built in cushioning
  • 900D Polyester fabric
  • Light weight less than 29lbs
  • Easy to fold
  • Built in locking straps
  • Removable fabric
  • Two handle design
  • Easy canopy storage
  • Simulated leather handle
  • Adjustable handles
  • Peaked roof
  • Padded interior with back cushions
  • Built in shoe storage
  • Fold up parcel bag
  • Rear wheel parking brake
  • Easy storage
  • Self standing
  • Removable rear wheel assembly
  • Swiveling front wheels with individual locks
  • Retractable roof with mesh sunscreen
  • Retractable canopy supports.
  • Removable wheels
  • Built in mesh
  • Magnet top
  • Built in curtain
  • Wide view
  • EVA 7.28inch front wheel
  • Tread pattern
  • Spring Suspension

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