Interactive Unpacking Workshop: Difficult Topics with Kids.

Wonderful and Wild

Angelique Geehan Interactive unpacking workshop: Difficult topics with kids

Wednesday, August 8th 3-5pm at Wonderful and Wild

*One time only engagement. Speaker is not local to San Diego. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information you think your children are going to need in the world… If you are worried about how to explain concepts like consent, violence, racism, reproduction, sexuality, gender beyond the cis and binary, current events, and more, this session may be of help to you. Participants will “handle” specific examples and ideally depart with greater confidence in their own abilities to build and maintain trust with their children and assess the information we are bombarded with today.

Admission is $20. If you have a financial barrier to attendance, you are welcome join us for any amount that is reasonable to you. We ask that you send a Facebook message or email to Wonderful and Wild, so that we can still reserve a spot for you if you are unable to complete the registration online. 

About the speaker

Angelique Geehan
Interchange, BCIA-EC, NPA, BWI of Greater Houston

Angelique Geehan works to question and depolarize the many cultural beliefs and practices that can deprive individuals of needed connection with themselves, their families, their clients, and their communities. She offers lectures, consultations, and trainings on babywearing, cultural awareness, and community building for families, birth and health care professionals, and retail and manufacturer staff to help seed communities with as much unconditional compassion and authenticity as possible, while helping families get through their days more easily.

Through Interchange, she offers social justice and cultural competency consulting for individuals and organizations. She also serves as the non-board chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Educator Committee; is on the Transcultural Committee for the National Perinatal Association; and as a training coordinator for Babywearing International of Greater Houston, for which she is also a Master Babywearing Educator.

Space is limited to make sure the environment is comfortable for learning. 48 hours advance notice for cancelation is required. If you are unable to register online at the $20 rate, please contact us so that we can save you a spot! Babies in arms or a carrier are welcome to attend. We ask that other children be left with a trusted caregiver. 

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