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Wool Care 101 at Wonderful and Wild in Hillcrest

This class is a great compliment to our Free Cloth Diaper Class. Not only will you learn all the merits of wool and how to care for it easily and properly, you will also learn the role it plays in modern cloth diapering.

If you are new to the idea of wool, wool is a natural alternative to plastic, non-breatheable diaper covers. Wool will actually repel moisture and will keep your baby dry. Wool works as a team with an absorbent diaper layer of your choice underneath. It's actually a myth that wool will make you too warm but what is true is that it is antibacterial! You will get to know all the details on this sustainable miracle material in this class.

Please bring a small plastic or glass basin, a measuring cup or pitcher, and a spoon with you to class. If you have any wool already, bring a piece or two with you. We'll be practicing washing and lanolizing!

Feel free to invite friends and bring your partner.

This class is FREE!

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