Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!: Did You Take the B from My ook?- by: Beck Stanton, Matt Stanton

Hachette book group

The Books That Drive Kids CRAZY! series capitalizes on the trend of interactive picture books--it s all about giving parents, teachers, and storytellers a script for fun reading time together. Book 1, Did You Take the B from My ook? is a hilarious read-along that is missing one very important letter due to one very powerful sneeze! Now, the eetle wearing lue oots is ouncing on the bed instead of wearing blue boots and bouncing on the bed--and it just gets sillier from there! What is up with this nonsense? Kids will demand to know--and all readers will be howling with laughter all along the way. With strikingly simple text and art, Books That Drive Kids CRAZY! are perfect picks for emergent readers.

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