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Dense and durable, with lovely drape and exquisite subtle texture changes, Mythos Titania is the classiest wrap that ever did catch newborn spitup and tame wild toddlers!

Double weave structure and an all-cotton blend provides Titania a subtle all-over texture for grip without sacrificing softness. Recommended for toddlers but perfectly suitable for babies as well, this woven wrap will last you your entire babywearing journey. It breaks in perfectly for moldable support, and Titania features an unparalleled balance of grip with a slightly soapy feel in hand. 

Despite all efforts to portray the true shade of silver in Titania, it reads differently to different people, on different screens, and in different light. Be assured it is beautiful on this white warp!

Stunning photos courtesy of @AmandaCookPhoto!


Ring Slings

Ring slings are measured from the gathered edge on the rings along the shorter of the two long hems as this is the usable length a sling offers. Bijou Wear ring slings are sewn with a floating shoulder, which provides padding without being padded and good spreadability. They can be worn on either your right or left. Check out instructions on wearing a sling here.

They are measured in inches as follows:  Small  =  70 inches  //  Medium =  75 inches  //  Large  =  80 inches  //  Extra Large  =  85 inches  //  Extra Extra Large  =  90 inches

Ring Sling Chart Length Inches for Babywearing by Bijou Wear

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