Bijou Wear - Anthem "Grunge" Ring Sling

Bijou Wear

In collaboration with MommyCon, Bijou is proud to introduce a new design: Anthem! 

Grunge stars in grayscale ... it doesn't get any cooler than this! 

The 45% Eco2cotton® and 55% undyed cotton blend offers unparalleled support and deliciously nubby microtexture. This is a thick, sturdy wrap that does not sag with big babes and toddlers. 

Eco2cotton® yarn is made of recycled cotton products -- think of the cuttings that would otherwise fall to the floor at a t-shirt factory. What a fabulous idea!


Ring Slings

Ring slings are measured from the gathered edge on the rings along the shorter of the two long hems as this is the usable length a sling offers. Bijou Wear ring slings are sewn with a floating shoulder, which provides padding without being padded and good spreadability. They can be worn on either your right or left. Check out instructions on wearing a sling here.

They are measured in inches as follows:  Small  =  70 inches  //  Medium =  75 inches  //  Large  =  80 inches  //  Extra Large  =  85 inches  //  Extra Extra Large  =  90 inches

Ring Sling Chart Length Inches for Babywearing by Bijou Wear

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