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Beginning with Respect
By Kelly Meier from Respectful Parent
Kelly is a Certified Instructor of Parent Effectiveness Training who believes all children are capable little people. She enjoys helping parents foster warm, loving relationships through effective communication.

She believes parenting can be more fun, more relaxing and more peaceful. When we become parents, it takes a while to figure out just what we are doing - it can be overwhelming and intimidating. This class will help you see your child in a whole new way and take some of the pressure out of doing it “right.” Even the smallest of babies are capable of things we might not realize in the newness and business of it all. Kelly will help you get to know your baby as a separate person, she will teach you to observe your child’s cues and cues and to solve problems together, doing “with” not “to” your child.

When parents start off the way they hope to continue, it fosters independence, self-awareness, and respect. It often even helps give the parent some free time when you’ve helped raise a child that can play by themselves! If you want to foster a trusting strong relationship from the beginning, this class will shift your perspective so you can see the things your child can do, not what they can’t.

This is a one hour class in a two class series – babies in arms are welcome and encouraged.

  •  How to ‘Do Less’ and still get more out of parenting
  • How to foster independence from birth
  • How to talk to an infant so they feel heard
  • How listening to understand improves language and brain function
  • How to soothe a crying infant or toddler
  • Connecting during care giving times like baths, diaper changes, and feeding
  • Creating Space for free play – letting kids move and develop their way.
  • How to stop entertaining your child all day
  • Crying – as communication (why it’s nothing to freak out about!)
  • Seeing your child as a whole person instead of a dependent person
  • How slowing down will help you parent better

    The investment for this 1 hour class is $35. 
    Registration is required. 
    48 hour notice needed for reschedules and cancelations. 
    Free parking available behind the building. 

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