Baby Buddy - Tooth Tissues (30 count)

Baby Buddy

The journey to healthy oral hygiene begins at birth. As adults, we take the time to regularly brush and floss. We have to teach our children these same wonderful habits from the very beginning. Tooth Tissues® dental wipes is the first “buddy,” or Stage One, in our Baby Buddy Oral Care Program.

Tooth Tissues® are bamboo* wipes that are bubble-gum flavored and fluoride and paraben free! Invented by Family Dentists with a proprietary blend of xylitol and hydrated silica, Tooth Tissues® are carefully made with babies and toddlers in mind. Each package contains 30 wipes. Tooth Tissues® are intended for children age 0-16 months. When back molars come in (around 16 months), parents should transition to brushing teeth with a toothbrush.

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