Adventures with Zap: 107 Creative Prompts for Beginning Writers―for Earthlings Ages 4 and Up

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Meet Zap, a spunky blue alien from the planet Vox Nova. When a stowaway from Earth sneaks onto his spaceship, he makes lots of mistakes. Is the furry creature friendly? Or dangerous? Zots! Quick, grab a pencil to teach Zap about our world. Share memories, too, and make up adventures of your own.

Zap Will Help You Grow as a Writer Whether You're a Beginner or a Pro!

Get ready for a fun, colorful, intergalactic adventure with Zap!

Where will you go on this journey? Anywhere you can imagine! With Zap as your co-pilot, you will respond to creative prompts with drawings and words until you become a stronger writer and storyteller.

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