Bambo Nature Diapers Newborn Size 1


Bambo Nature Newborn is a diaper for newborn children from 2-4 kg.

The products are made from quality materials and represent the new generation of environmentally friendly diapers. 

The diaper is very soft due to our textile-like back and top sheet, and it feels extra soft to the child’s skin.

Units per pack: 28 pcs.

Fits: 2-4 kg / 4-9 lbs
Size code: 1



  • Very soft! Due to our textile-like back and top sheet, the diaper feels extra soft to the baby’s skin.
  • Flexible sidepanels with stretch for easy fit.
  • Super absorbent and a top-dry system that ensures a fast absorption and dry surface.
  • Perfect body fit enhancing the child’s freedom of movement.
  • Thin and breathable! Thinner than ever, and the textile-like back sheet ensures that the baby’s skin can breathe. 
  • Bambo Nature is available in 6 sizes to suit all ages from birth until your child is fully toilet trained and no longer needs a diaper.

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