Diaper Service Terms and Conditions

Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) Terms: Simple Diaper Service (a service of Wonderful and Wild, Inc)  will charge your credit/debit card at the frequency you select at the time of purchase (once each 4-52 weeks), until a cancelation request is received. Please allow one full week to process cancelations. 

Vacation Service: In the event that you will be away from service entirely for 2 weeks or longer, you may elect to replace your cloth diapers with paper diapers at no additional cost*. If you wish to take cloth diapers with you on vacation, we’ll provide useful washing tips and note that you will be away. Please request vacation service at least 1 week before your delivery day to give us ample time to switch your cloth service to paper and deliver before you leave, or to place a hold on your service. If you will be away longer than 3 weeks, we’ll need to pick up all cloth diapers in your home, for inventory purposes. If you elect to simply suspend service during a vacation, billing will continue on its usual schedule. Quantities of paper provided per week: *prefolds: up to 50 free, fitted: up to 70 free, AIO: up to 80 free - varies by size. Disposable wipes may be added for a small fee. 

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel service, notify our office at least one week before you wish to cancel. You can cancel any time after the minimum commitment of 4 weeks has been met. We’ll pick up the following items at your last pick up day: diaper pail, cloth bags and all diapers. We will take inventory of all items returned and provided that everything is returned, no further charges will be incurred. If items are not returned on your final pick up, they must be dropped off at our office within 3 days or pay a $15 fee and we’ll return to your home the following week. Any unreturned inventory will be charged to your card on file. If you wish to keep any items, please notify us and we will charge your account. Pail: $20, cloth bag: $20, prefolds: newborn: $2, infant: $2.50, regular: $3, toddler: $3.50, fitteds: $10, AIO: $20, wipes: $0.50/each. 

Refunds: There are no cash or credit card refunds. Store credit will be issued for any monies remaining on your account. The first 4 weeks of service are not transferable and can’t be applied as store credit. If your account is on Automatic Recurring Billing, we’ll cancel subscription and provide you with your cancellation date. If you have purchased a start-up package and cancel before all the weeks have been used, we will deduct the retail cost of any free items received and apply the remaining balance as store credit.

Start Date: We allow a 3-week grace period after your purchase date to start service. Please call us as soon as you would like to start using the diapers. If you are purchasing service prior to your baby's birth, you may pick up your diapers and supplies from Wonderful and Wild, and reserve service for up to 3 weeks, so you can have diapers ready to go from the moment you welcome your baby. Once baby is born, please let us know right away. We will add you to your route on the closest delivery day from the day you start using the diapers so that you don’t run short. You only have enough diapers in your home for 7 days of cloth diapering. Please call us as soon as you start using the diapers. If you wish to hold service for longer than 3 weeks from purchase or pickup, please call us to retrieve all the items we provided you. We will then place you on an extended hold. We can reissue your diapers on a later date (this process will result in a charge for one week of service) Please note that if we do not hear from you to start the service, we will start deducting weeks of service once your grace period has ended. We will call to retrieve the items and if unsuccessful, we’ll charge your card for the retail value of the products in your home. (Please see prices above)

Start Using the Diapers: To ensure that you don’t run short on diapers, please start using your diapers on your delivery date. We’ll deliver either 80 NB, 70 I, 60 R, 50 T for the first 2 deliveries. You will only get back what you give us. If you need more diapers, please call us before your scheduled delivery day. We will provide an additional 10 newborn or infant size prefolds at no extra cost. If you need more than 10 additional newborn or infant size diapers, they are $1.75 per each 10 additional. Additional standard or toddler size prefolds are $2.00 for each 10 additional. Extra sets of fitteds will be charged at $2.95/wk for every set of 10. Extra AIO’s are $.65 per diaper/wk. Please notify us the moment you start using the diapers so that we may add you to our route. 

Move Up In Size: Are you finding that your baby’s current diaper size is not fitting as well as it did before? Or is the diaper fully saturated when you change your baby every 2-3 hours? It may be time to switch up to the next size entirely or try a sample of the next size. To request a diaper size change, try a new size or type of diaper, add or remove wipes or add night-time pod service, please email hello@wonderfulandwild.com. Please note that all changes will not take place until a full week after the request. 

Missed Pickups: If you forget to leave out your diapers, we’ll still leave a clean bag of diapers at your home. The following week we will pick up 2 weeks worth of soiled diapers. If the soiled diapers are not left out a 2nd week in a row, the driver will not leave clean diapers, a $15 charge will be assessed & a driver will be scheduled to pick up the soiled diapers. You are also welcome to stop by our facility to drop them off.

Lost Diapers/Compromised Diapers: If the diapers are lost/stolen while in your possession, you will be charged 1/2 the full price to replace the diapers. We will agree to a new secure location to deliver the diapers. If the diapers are lost/stolen again, we will charge your account for the full price to replace the diapers. Upon cancellation, if any diapers are not returned, you will be charged the full price per diaper that is not returned. Any diapers that are compromised will be charged as well. To avoid compromised diapers, do not skip pick ups.

Gift Certificates: If you received a gift certificate, you are entitled to redeem the full amount for weeks of service or accessories. If for any reason you cancel service and there are still funds left from the gift certificate, the funds will be applied to your account as store credit.

Multi-Unit Complexes:  Simple Diaper Service will deliver to locked multi-unit complexes if one of the following is provided: KEY, SCANNER, or CODE that directly opens the front door without ringing to your apt for access. If any of the previous items are not provided, the only means of dropping off diapers is at the outside gate. Please see “lost diapers” for your replacement responsibility if diapers are stolen/lost.

Minimum Commitment: The minimum commitment to use our service is 4 weeks. Please make sure that you are ready to commit to at least 4 weeks of service before agreeing to these terms, as there will be no refunds or store credit for the initial 4 weeks of service once you have received your diapers. Please keep in mind that we have factored in time, labor hours, and overall effort to set-up your account and this is why the 4 weeks are non-refundable or transferable. Thank you for your understanding.

Extra Diapers: We will provide an additional 10 newborn or infant size prefolds at no extra cost, if you request them. If you need more than 10 additional newborn or infant size diapers, they are $1.75 per each 10 additional. Additional standard or toddler size prefolds are $2.00 for each 10 additional. Extra sets of fitteds will be charged at $2.95/wk for every set of 10. Extra AIO’s are $.65 per diaper/wk. You will be billed for additional diapers from the time of your request, until you update your account. The additional diapers are reserved for your family during this billing period, whether or not you use them. We require 7 days notice to make any changes to your service. 

Changes: Please allow one full week for any requested changes to take effect.

I authorize Simple Diaper Service to charge my card the “initial payment” and any future charges made for an ARB Subscription or Packages until I notify Simple Diaper Service that I would like to cancel service. I understand and accept all terms and conditions of this agreement as stated above. I agree to read Simple Diaper Service’s Terms & Conditions and will adhere to those policies.



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